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DoucheKing | Top 7 Douchebag Universities!

We have made a list of douchebag universities around the nation. We have narrowed down our top 7 douchebag colleges based on reputation, location, and experience. 


American University Douchebag

American University is first on the list. This low key school is located in Washington D.C. This school is filled with so many douches who have stupid money. The campus is practically a parking lot housing Ferraris and Lambos. 

George Washington University is one of the most expensive colleges in the world. Money and admission are pretty much synonymous. 



Duke University is third on the list. Basketball is life at Duke. Either love it or get out. 

University of South California(USC) is also known as the University of Spoiled Children! This campus looks like an awful Abercrombie ad....except the student models wouldn't be caught dead wearing something as gauche as Abercrombie. 

Georgetown University has produced more elitist douchebags than any university. Bill Clinton, Ivanka Trump, Prince Abdullah, and Bradly Cooper. Everyone who wants to be anyone goes here. 

UCLA Doucheking

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is a beautiful school filled with beautiful people! Ugly people need not apply. This school is located next to Beverly Hills and the Playboy mansion! 


Harvard Douchebag University

Harvard. No introduction necessary. This school produces nothing but the best douchebags. This is a 1 percenter school! Make it rain Havard! This school is known for the yacht club! We love it! Make people jealous and make a statement at the same time!

Do you think we missed a really good school on this list? Please leave a comment and why you think your school should be on this list. If you know a person who attends any of these school, Give them one of this original DoucheKing Shirt