"Embrace Your Inner Douche"

About Us

DoucheKing Logo

Why did I decide to start a clothing brand for douchebags called DoucheKing? It's simple, I wanted to piss off my wife! haha jk.

I was inspired when I took a trip to Puerto Rico in March of 2016. I was at the Ritz Carlton Casino in San Juan having a good time.

I noticed that there were tons of individuals who have stupid money and are super douchey. What stood to me is that they knew that they are douchey but did NOT care.

I admire anyone who isn't afraid to own who they are. They were flaunting their cash, jewelry, cars and the ladies, just about anything that seem douchey.

I noticed there isn't a market for a brand that straight up represents douchebags. There are douchey brands but not an actual clothing brand.

That's why I decided to create Doucheking. We design the highest quality shirts at a premium price. 

When you purchase a DoucheKing product, you get to be part of an exclusive DoucheKing family.

I also thought it would be a great gag gift for someone who you think is a douchebag and deserves a DoucheKing shirt! 

DoucheKing is pretty much the modern day "A-hole”.